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Duke Signs Amicus Brief Supporting Harvard, MIT Lawsuit Against New Visa Directives

Duke University has signed on to an amicus brief supporting a lawsuit from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology challenging new visa directives for international students announced by the Trump Administration this month.

Duke joined with 58 other American colleges and universities in supporting the lawsuit. The new regulations for international students require any F-1 visa holder who is taking only online classes to either transfer to another institution where in-person classes are offered or return to their home country to take their courses remotely.

Filed in US District Court in Massachusetts, the lawsuit states the government failed “to comply with one of the most fundamental principles of administrative law: that the government must provide a reasoned explanation for its actions and consider all important aspects of a problem before imposing burdens on regulated parties.”

The amicus brief is just one step among several taken by Duke University officials to support international students following the issuance of the new policy. President Vincent Price issued a public statement calling the policy “a misguided effort” and has launched vigorous advocacy efforts with public officials on behalf of international students. This weekend, Duke posted an FAQ offering information and resources to international students.

The amicus brief can be read here.