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Duke Students -- Speed Demons on One Wheel

Mechanical engineering students seek to set record with their monowheel

A team of ambitious mechanical engineering students from Duke University set out to build the EV360: the world’s fastest monowheel. Over the course of a year, they built it almost entirely at Duke University’s Innovation Co-Lab, the makerspace on campus, giving them the tools to create anything from metal to 3D printed parts.

The monowheel is 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide and can carry a suited-up driver over 45 mph. The team has been given the green light to attempt the world record by Guinness World Records for the fastest electric 1-wheeled monowheel (over 45 mph) and they may even attempt the fastest overall monowheel (over 61 mph).

The team has evolved over time, with many student and faculty supporters and advisors, but the core team consists of: Anuj Thakkar, Team Lead & Engineer Carlo Lindner, Engineer Ahmed Ahmed-Fouad, Engineer Francisco Romano, Lead Cinematographer Jolán von Plutzner, Engineer.

For more information about the Duke Innovation Co-Lab, visit:

Video by Veronique Koch