News Tip: Burr Stepping Down From Leadership Role ‘Overdue,’ Expert Says

NC Sen. Richard Burr under investigation for stock trades he made before coronavirus pandemic caused market to tank

Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina announced Thursday he is stepping down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Burr is under investigation for stock trades he made before the coronavirus pandemic caused the market to tank.

“The allegation that Sen. Burr abused his access to classified intelligence briefings for personal financial gain is deeply troubling and undermines public trust in our institutions,” says David Schanzer, associate professor of the practice of public policy at Duke University and director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security.  

“His decision to step down from leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee is overdue and he should be removed from the panel entirely while the FBI investigates these serious charges.”

David Schanzer is an expert on counterterrorism strategy, counterterrorism law and homeland security. Schanzer was the Democratic staff director for the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security from 2003-005. He previously served as the legislative director for Sen. Jean Carnahan (2001-2002), and counsel to Sens. Joe Biden (1996-98), and William Cohen (1994-96).

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