I Spy at Duke

What do you spy with your little eye?

How well do you know Duke? Play our Duke themed "I Spy" game and test your skills. More than 250 photographs featuring Duke people, places and spaces are arranged by color and hue in the mosaic below. Read the clues and see how many you can find.

QUESTION 1: I spy with my little eye the top of Duke Chapel illuminated with blue light to celebrate the inauguration of Duke's 10th president, Vincent Price.

QUESTION 2: The "I love Durham" mural on Broad Street. The painting is tucked behind a wall on Broad Street next to the Durham coffee spot, Joe Van Gogh.

QUESTION 3: A sunrise is seen through the windows of the Gothic Reading Room in the Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The Gothic Reading room is ideal for high-intensity studying, requiring focus and quiet.

QUESTION 4: Students taking part in the annual Holi festival on Abele Quadrangle. Holi is the Hindu festival of colors, and it celebrates the beginning of the spring harvest. Duke Diya, the undergraduate South Asian Student Association, hosts the celebration.

QUESTION 5: Students studying in Group Study Room 6 in the Duke Teaching and Learning Center's "Link." The technology-enhanced classrooms and group study spaces accommodate and encourage collaborative work and project-based learning activities. The Link has 11 group study rooms that are available for classes and student study groups.

QUESTION 6: Four ring-tailed lemurs enjoying a sunny day at Duke's Lemur Center.

The center is a world leader in the study, care and protection of lemurs and houses the world's largest and most diverse population of lemurs outside their native Madagascar.

QUESTION 7: The Roney Fountain, which greets visitors to Duke Gardens. The fountain initially served as a focal point at the entrance to Trinity College, now Duke's East Campus. In 2011, it was installed in the center of the Mary Duke Biddle Rose Garden in Duke Gardens.

QUESTION 8: Jack Coombs Field, the on-campus home field of the Duke baseball team.

What other Duke people, places, spaces and objects do you spy in the photo mosaic?

A rainbow collage of photos at Duke.