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Campus Road and Utility Projects for Summer 2020

Some construction work will affect traffic and access through August

Construction on campus.
Work has already begun on a project that will keep Chapel Drive near Duke University Road closed until August. Photo by Leanora Minai.

While much of campus life at Duke will be on hold due to the threat of COVID-19, work on a handful of road and utility projects is moving forward.

A traffic light will be installed, some campus thoroughfares will be refreshed and construction already underway will continue. All new university construction projects are on indefinite hold, except those related to safety, repairs, infrastructure, virus research and a small number of obligations to new faculty. 

With campus events restricted until June 30 and many faculty and staff working remotely at this time, the effects of road and utility projects won’t be felt by most in the Duke community. But if you find yourself headed to or around the campus in Durham, here’s what you need to know.

Chapel Drive and Duke University Road

By August, the intersection of Duke University Road and Chapel Drive will feature a traffic light. Photo by Leanora Minai.
What’s happening: Work continues on a project that began last summer that entailed replacing a stormwater culvert, rebuilding the roadway and the surrounding landscape and hardscape and making lighting improvements. There will also be a traffic light added to the intersection of Chapel Drive and Duke University Road.

What to expect: Chapel Drive is closed between entrance to the University Communications office and Duke University Road. There will be temporary disruptions to the intersection with Duke University Road in late July and early August due to work on the traffic signal.

Detour: Drivers can access West Campus from Duke University Road by turning north onto Anderson Street, then taking Yearby Avenue to Flowers Drive.

Expected completion: August 2020.

Central Campus Parking

Central campus parking lot site.
What’s happening: A new surface parking lot will be built on land that previously housed one of the Central Campus Apartments. The lot will be bordered by Anderson Street, Yearby Avenue, Lewis Street and Duke Gardens. The lot will add 429 new paved parking spaces for a total of 631 spaces.

What to expect: The work will result in the temporary closure of Lewis Street.

Expected completion: June 2020.

Campus Drive

What’s happening: Campus Drive will be repaved between the Chapel Drive traffic circle and Anderson Street.

What to expect: Campus Drive is closed between the Chapel Drive Traffic Circle and Anderson Street.

Detour: Drivers can access West Campus by turning onto Yearby Avenue from Anderson Street and then continuing to Flowers Drive.

Expected completion: Aug. 20, 2020.

Towerview Road

The section of Towerview Road that runs alongside The Hollows will be closed this summer. Photo by Stephen Schramm.
What’s happening: Two projects will be completed along Towerview Road this summer. First, work will be done on the hot water and utility systems that serve that corner of West Campus. After that, the section of Towerview Road that runs alongside The Hollows will be repaved.

What to expect: Towerview Road will be closed between the Wanamaker Drive traffic Circle and Duke University Road. The work will also mean 131 parking spaces in Blue Zone 2 lot and 12 in the Blue Zone 4 lot will be unavailable.

Detour: Instead of accessing West Campus from Duke University Road via Towerview Road, drivers will have to continue to NC 751 and access West Campus using Science Drive. 

Expected completion: August 2020.

Gross Hall Water Line

What’s happening: Work on a water line serving Gross Hall will start later this month.

What to expect: Starting May 26, Circuit Drive near the entrance to the Gross Hall parking lot will be down to one lane. Fifteen spaces in the parking lot will be unavailable.

Expected completion: June 2020.

Engineering BuildingWork will continue on the new engineering building, which will be completed early next year.

What’s happening: Work continues on the 150,000-square foot building that will feature labs, classrooms, collaboration spaces and offices for the Pratt School of Engineering. Among the major aspects of the project to be completed this summer is the connection of gas lines and the repaving of Telecom Drive near the building site.

What to expect: Construction will continue to leave access restricted for Telecom Drive until September.

Expected completion: January 2021.

Flowers Drive

What’s happening: Work on several projects will affect the flow of traffic on Flowers Drive.

What to expect: Flowers Drive between Erwin Road and Yearby Avenue will be down to one lane at times until October and will be closed entirely for a weekend in mid-August.

Detour: During the closure in August, drivers can access West Campus from Erwin Road by using Anderson Street and Yearby Avenue.

Expected completion: October 2020.

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