Summer Sessions Overhauled; Additional Classes Added

To accommodate student needs for additional learning opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Duke officials have overhauled the two Summer Sessions to double the number of course offerings and make them more affordable, Provost Sally Kornbluth and Executive Vice Provost Jennifer Francis announced Tuesday.

In an email message to Duke students, Kornbluth and Francis said that faculty members have stepped up to provide expanded course offerings during both sessions. Summer Session 1 course offerings increased from 60 last year to more than 150. They said they expected stronger demand for summer sessions classes because of the effects of the pandemic on the availability of jobs and internships.

The expanded range of courses opens additional opportunities for learning not usually available during summer sessions. In addition to a range of courses from art history to physics, Kornbluth and Francis said several classes will “address pandemic-related topics, including Macroeconomics of COVID-19; Epidemics in the Age of Interdependence; Educational Impacts of COVID-19; Visualizing the COVID-19 Pandemic; and Disease through the Ages.”

“We expect this will provide even more opportunities for students to both meet degree requirements and expand your educational horizons with some of Duke’s most compelling teachers,” they said.

In addition, Duke officials have lowered rates for online summer classes to $2,500 for a non-lab course and $3,200 for an extended recitation/lab course. Financial aid is available for summer session courses. 

Current students now have an exclusive window to register for Duke Summer Session I courses through Tuesday, April 28.  After that, any open spaces will be made available to the general public.

For more information, visit the summer session website or e-mail Kim Price at