12 Organs, 8 Harpsichords and One Man to Repair Them

John Santoianni keeps the instruments playing beautiful music

Between Duke Chapel, the divinity school, and the university’s music department Duke is home to 8 harpsichords and 12 organs. This is the story of the man who keeps these world class instruments in pitch perfect condition.

Organs in the Chapel:

  • Benjamin N. Duke Memorial Organ (Flentrop)
  • Kathleen Upton Byrns McClendon Organ (Aeolian)
  • Brombaugh Organ
  • Continuo Organ

They are played regularly in worship services, ceremonies, and concerts by University Organist Robert Parkins and Chapel Organist Christopher Jacobson, as well as organ scholars, visiting organists, and others.

Organs pictured in this video: Benjamin N. Duke Memorial Organ (Flentrop) and Kathleen Upton Byrns McClendon Organ (Aeolian)

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