Said@Duke: Nina Totenberg on The 2nd Amendment at the Supreme Court

Part of the Said@Duke: 2019-2020 Series

Nina Totenberg, legal affairs correspondent at NPR, spoke last week at Duke's office in Washington, D.C., during a panel discussion on the Supreme Court's Dec. 2 oral arguments in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York. The Center for Firearms Law at Duke's School of Law and Duke in DC hosted the event.

While talking about the NRA's lessening clout, Totenberg added: "Especially in legislatures in states that are not big open spaces everywhere -- more like New Jersey and less like Wyoming. So I don't actually know how this plays out. But I'm old enough to remember when the Chief Justice of the United States, a relatively conservative Republican named Warren Burger, thought that the idea that there was an individual right to own a gun was just silly. And used that word silly."

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