Hone Your Skills at Duke Management Academy

Deadline for applications for 2020 class is December 6

The first cohort of Duke Management Academy participants began their trek through the program in January. Photo by Stephen Schramm.
The first cohort of Duke Management Academy participants began their trek through the program in January. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

Duke employees looking to become more effective managers, expand their leadership skills or move to the next stage of their career can benefit from the Duke Management Academy, which is enrolling for its next groups for 2020 now.

The program, organized by Duke Learning & Organization Development, which is part of Duke Human Resources, launched earlier this year and offers mid-level managers a chance to enrich their skills.

The Duke Management Academy’s curriculum covers 12 months, with one group of participants starting in January and another starting in June. It features classes, individual coaching, group projects and a 360 Leadership Assessment which includes feedback from managers, colleagues and employees.

Candidates, who need to have at least two years on the Duke workforce, must have employees directly reporting to them or large areas of responsibility requiring supervision of employees. The application deadline is December 6.

“This is for anyone who is in that middle manager role and really wants to understand operational excellence,” said Assistant Director of Leadership and Professional Development for Duke Learning & Organization Development Joy Birmingham, who oversees the Duke Management Academy.

The academy is built on the framework of personal values, strategic thinking, management decision making, financial management, human resources, technical resourcefulness, valuing diversity and developing employees.

“I’ve appreciated that people who have managed me in the past have seen things in me and encouraged me to pursue more challenging opportunities,” said Duke Management Academy participant Culver Scales, executive director of development for Duke Children’s. “I think the Duke Management Academy has given me the opportunity, and some of the tools, to be more intentional about doing that for the people that I manage.”

Applicants for the Duke Management Academy must:

  • Fill out the online application
  • Provide an updated resume
  • Include a twopage essay explaining the motivation for enrollment
  • Obtain a letter of support from a Dean, Vice President or highest level of leadership in your organization
  • Have your immediate supervisor to fill out the manager assessment and place it in a sealed envelope.

For more on the Duke Management Academy and the application process, see here.

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