Comments Sought in Regular Review of Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Tim Walsh

Peter Feaver to chair review committee

Tim Walsh A university committee is seeking comments as part of a regular performance review of Vice President for Finance Tim Walsh. Reviews of senior administrators are typically conducted in the fourth year of a five-year term, and the results complied in a confidential report.

This will be the second such review for Walsh, who has served in his current post since 2011.

Executive Vice President Tallman Trask asked Peter Feaver, professor of Political Science, to chair the committee.  Other members are: Kerry Abrams (School of Law); Billy Newton (School of Medicine); Scott Greenwood (Duke University Alumni Association); Joanna Rojas (Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance); Beth Sullivan (Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology); and Laura Meyer Wellman (Board of Trustees).

Walsh joined Duke in 2004 as assistant vice president and controller. In 2011, he was promoted to vice president for finance, where he oversees an array of accounting, reporting and financial functions, including the treasury, budgeting, procurement, real estate, stores and licensing, administrative systems, research costing and compliance, auxiliaries finance and controller's functions.

At Duke, Walsh has, among other things, co-chaired efforts to streamline core financial and administrative processes that support the university's international activities; chaired the Research Administration Continuous Improvement (RACI) initiative, which promotes the efficient and effective administration of Duke's $1.1 billion research enterprise; and overseen the implementation of monthly reporting processes that provide greater transparency of the university's comprehensive financial performance to executive administrators and trustees.

An important part of the review process is the gathering of opinions from the university’s many constituencies.  Comments on performance and suggestions for the future are important to the committee’s work. Communication should include the nature of interactions with Walsh and his team so that the committee can best understand the context of the comments. 

The committee will discuss responses and a summary will be included in the written report to the executive vice president. The committee will hold all communication in strict confidence.

Comments should be submitted by Nov. 8, 2019.  Please send any communications to:

Peter Feaver, Chair

Walsh Review Committee

Box 90204

Durham, North Carolina 27708