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Price Statement on Sexual Harassment Policy

Dear Duke Colleagues,

I have been deeply disturbed by recent media reports detailing a systemic pattern of sexual harassment in workplaces and on campuses across the country. In light of these reports, I want to reiterate Duke’s commitment to maintaining a campus and workplace free from sexual misconduct, behavior that violates our most basic standards and values as a university community.

Duke has in place explicit and clear prohibitions against sexual harassment of and by studentsfaculty and staff or retaliation against those who report it, prohibitions that we vigorously enforce. As part of our commitment to Duke’s high standards and values, we also provide resources regarding sexual misconduct, including training for all members of our community. I encourage any person who has experienced sexual harassment or misconduct to report their experience.

We have a responsibility to ensure that all of our students and colleagues have the opportunity to work and study here without fear of harassment or violence. I hope you will join me in renewing our commitment to a safe, respectful, and welcoming campus.

Vincent E. Price