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Students Begin Inauguration Celebration With PricePalooza

Music, carnival rides, great food gets celebration started in a festive mood

Part of the The Inauguration of Vincent Price Series

Photos and Video by Duke Photography and the Office of News and Communications

The shrimp boil tasted straight from the low country. The carnival rides had the feel of a county fair. And President Vince Price brought the dogs. 

It all made for a festive PricePalooza Wednesday night on East Campus as the student-focused event started off two days of celebrating Price's inauguration.

Some 4,000-5,000 people filled East Campus during the four hours to ride a ferris wheel, listen to student bands and eat a quality Southern-tinged menu from Duke Dining that included BBQ, brussel sprouts, grilled corn, sweet tea and dark chocolate covered bananas.

the low country boil at PricePalooza. The food was popular, but the longest lines were for some 1,300 freshly printed t-shirts with the president's bitmoji character on the front. 

On social media, students captured their favorite moments.

Also on hand were Scout and Cricket, the Prices' two dogs. Both received lots of love from students as they proceeded through East Campus and were the stars of several social media posts.

scout and cricket at Pricepalooza

The public inauguration events resume at 1 p.m. Thursday with a pair of faculty symposiums in the Griffith Film Theater. The installation ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. on Abele Quad. For more information, see the inauguration website.