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Switch to ‘Dukeblue’ Wireless Network

Current 'Duke' network will be turned off Aug. 1; University campus should use ‘Dukeblue’ network

Duke University will finish its shift to the
Duke University will finish its shift to the "Dukeblue" wireless on Aug. 1.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will complete a transition on the university campus to the encrypted “Dukeblue” Wi-Fi network  by retiring the current “Duke” wireless network on Aug. 1.

The Dukeblue network requires a NetID and password for access and encrypts every bit of data it transfers, making it virtually impossible for hackers to eavesdrop on the wireless transmission.

Many students, faculty and staff have moved to Dukeblue as their primary wireless network, but OIT officials are encouraging any community members who haven’t made the switch to do so before Aug. 1 to avoid confusion.

Establishing an initial connection to the Dukeblue wireless network requires using your Duke NetID and password. Depending on your device, system configuration may involve initial setup steps. Visit from your wireless laptops and devices for instructions on connecting. Once the connection is established, devices will continue to connect to it automatically on campus.

While Dukeblue is now Duke's main wireless network, there are other networks for specific purposes and these may pop up on device Wi-Fi options. They are:

Eduroam – An encrypted network that can be used at Duke, or at participating universities in the U.S. and abroad. Information and links to the installer can be found here:

DukeOpen – This network does not encrypt the connection and requires registration at: The DukeOpen network should be used for "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices such as gaming, TV streamers or other systems that cannot connect to Dukeblue.  Devices registered on the old Duke network will also work on DukeOpen without re-registering them. Because DukeOpen is unencrypted and therefore less secure, Duke recommend that computers, phones, tablets and similar devices always connect via the Dukeblue network.

Visitor/DukeVisitor – This network is intended to be used by visitors at Duke and is limited in terms of bandwidth and what web sites can be accessed.

If you need help connecting to the new Dukeblue or another Duke approved network, please work with your local IT support or call the OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2200. Or visit to use a quick installer to configure your device.