Parking Permit Renewal Begins

Rates to increase 50 cents to $5.50 per month, depending on permit type

The parking permit renewal process begins in June with changes in rates to help cover enhanced parking facilities and technology.

Beginning in August 2017, rates will increase 50 cents to $5.50 per month, depending on permit type. The change in price affects all Duke parking permits.  

Duke continues to enhance its parking infrastructure, which includes facilities like the Science Drive Garage that opened with 2,320 spaces earlier this year at the corner of Science Drive and Cameron Boulevard. 

“There are annual costs associated with operating and maintaining Duke’s large parking operation – everything from technology, electricity and paving to new construction,” said Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for administration. “This year, we have been able to keep cost increases to a minimum while upgrading our campus-wide parking system.”

Employee permit holders who pay for their permits through payroll deduction have permits that expire Aug. 15, 2017. These permits will automatically renew, and rate updates will be applied. Confirm your mailing address by July 21 by visiting and selecting “Manage My Parking Account.” Duke community members who are not eligible for payroll deduction or have one-year permits must renew by visiting to complete the necessary form.