New Campus Virtual Tour: Experiencing Duke Buildings and Life From Afar

The Duke virtual tour features student guides providing commentary on how the building is used by students.
The Duke virtual tour features student guides providing commentary on how the building is used by students.

For the first time, anyone interested in visiting Duke can explore key university buildings and hear from Duke students about life on campus without stepping foot on university grounds.

Duke’s new YouVisit virtual tour launched June 5 and allows people to tour Duke on their computer or smart phone. The experience includes optional commentary from student tour guides, 360-degree photos and videos.

"We know that the campus tour is an essential part of understanding a college, and given Duke’s international reputation we also know that it’s not possible for everyone to visit the campus as they consider applying," said Christoph Guttentag, dean of undergraduate admissions. "This online tour will give thousands of interested students and families the opportunity to get a sense of the places and resources that make Duke special. I’m pleased that we’ll be able to review and make modifications to the tour in the future, to take advantage of the changes still coming on campus."

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the beauty of Duke’s campus and our vibrant academic environment on a digital platform,” said Blyth Morrell, Duke’s director of digital and strategic communications. “It also offers people from around the world an opportunity to visit Duke without leaving their desks.”

The tour takes visitors through Duke’s iconic West Campus including stops at the Duke University Chapel, the new 70,000 square-foot Duke Student Wellness Center and Wallace Wade Stadium. The tour also explores Duke’s East Campus, which is where freshmen will spend a majority of their first year. Prospective students will get a feel for the student experience by touring residence halls, libraries and dining locations.

Each stop on the virtual tour provides additional information, photos and videos. The tour also highlights Duke’s hometown, Durham. Visitors can check out the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham, which is a short walk or bus ride away from campus and a place where students and staff often enjoy Broadway shows, baseball games and restaurants.

Creating the tour was a partnership between Duke’s Office of News and Communications and Duke Admissions.