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Corey Vernot: Making Statistics Work Across Many Fields

Part of the Senior Stories, Class of 2017 Series
Corey Vernot: My favorite Duke memory is watching Duke beat UNC this year with my friends in Cameron.

Corey Vernot

Hometown: Hamilton Ohio
Double Major: Public Policy, Statistical Science
Minor and any certificates: Minor in Economics
Clubs/Organizations: Duke Effective Altruism
Post-graduation plans: In June I will start work as a research analyst under Mufshiq Mobarak at Yale University. I'm also marrying the girl of my dreams this summer, so I'm excited about that.
Favorite Duke memory or what Duke has meant to you: My favorite Duke memory is watching Duke beat UNC this year with my friends in Cameron. 

During his time at Duke, Corey applied his interest and knowledge of statistics to many different types of projects, from medicine to the social sciences.

Commencement Homepage

Through the Information Initiative at Duke (iiD), he helped craft a study to determine whether a patient’s diet and food purchases change as the result of a new diagnosis or a new prescription, called Drugs and Gluttony.

Through his participation in Bass Connections, Corey helped develop a much-lauded study on shotgun weddings with Mufshiq Mobarak at Yale University, the results of which appeared in The Journal of Marriage and Family under the title “They Should Say ‘I Don’t’: Norms About Midpregnancy Marriage and Job Loss.” For their efforts on the research project and helping with the draft, the Bass Connections student team members received authorship credit on the paper. 

Corey will continue to his study of economics as a research analyst under development economist Mobarak at Yale, who currently has research projects in Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, India, Kenya, Nepal and Malawi.

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