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Dunson Awarded Carnegie Centenary Professorship

Professor David B. Dunson has been selected for the prestigious Carnegie Centenary Professorship, an award that enables senior scholars to contribute to the academic and scientific fields at 15 universities throughout Scotland. Dunson is an Arts & Sciences Professor of Statistical Science, and also holds appointments as a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering, and the Department of Mathematics.

The Carnegie Centenary Professorship is awarded annually to two distinguished international faculty members. The 3-6 month visiting professorship includes scientific and public lectures, as well as a faculty role at a host Scottish university. Dunson’s host is the University of Edinburgh.

Dunson, who joined Duke University in 2000, focuses his research on developing novel Bayesian methods for inference based on high-dimensional and complex data, with a particular emphasis on neuroscience, genomics and ecology. A major theme is on computationally and statistically efficient learning of low-dimensional geometric structure in massive data, with the goal of improving scientific insights.