Discount Memberships to BJ’s Wholesale Club

Employees can save on groceries, household supplies and more

Duke employees can save on memberships to BJ's Wholesale Club.
Duke employees can save on memberships to BJ's Wholesale Club.

Sometimes it pays to buy in bulk.

Just ask Duke staff assistant Sebrina McNeill, who has been a BJ’s Wholesale Club member for nearly 20 years. When she shops at the store, she buys two pounds of salmon for future meals, cakes for special occasions, and detergent and paper towels, among other goods.

“You get more for your money,” said McNeill of Duke Cardiothoracic Surgery. “I figured saving that way would be better than going to the grocery store.”

McNeill and other Duke employees can save $15 on an Inner Circle annual membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club and $25 on the BJ’s Rewards Membership. Both memberships offer a bonus month of membership at no cost. The Rewards Membership also allows the cardholder to earn 2 percent back on most BJ’s in-club and online purchases. 

Sebrina McNeill shops at BJ's Wholesale Club in Cary with her grandchildren, 10-month-old Landon and 2-year-old Lailah. Photo courtesy of Sebrina McNeill

McNeill likes the Inner Circle Membership because it includes access to all BJ’s Wholesale Club locations and a second membership card for a family member, which she provides to her daughter.

“That’s where she shops for her kids, for Pampers and milk,” McNeill said.

Duke health information management specialist Syreeta Dukes, also a member of BJ’s Wholesale Club, receives coupon books in the mail with the latest deals. When she visits the Brier Creek store, she stocks up on Gatorade, bottled water, and school snacks like fruit cups and potato chips for her two sons. She also bought kale and carrots in bulk when her sons had pet guinea pigs.

“I enjoy the membership just because of the extended month, the low rates and the coupons,” Dukes said. “There’s always a better price somewhere, but for me, I think I save the most at BJ’s.”

Find the membership application on the PERQS website