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News Tip: DNC Leaks -- Opportunity for Sanders, Warning for All, Experts Say

Duke’s Dorie Clark says nobody should assume email communication is safe 

The following Duke University experts can talk about the leaked Democratic National Committee emails and how Sen. Bernie Sanders should respond to them at the Democratic National Convention.

Pope “Mac” McCorkle

Quotes:“The signs of discord and chaos starting to swirl around the beginning of the Democratic convention could actually be setting the stage for Sen. Bernie Sanders' next and biggest political act,” says Pope “Mac” McCorkle, an associate professor of the practice in public policy at Duke University who has worked as an issues consultant to political candidates and state governments.

“Sen. Sanders has the opportunity to become something more than an insurgent ideological inspiration. He can become the party peacemaker and unifier against Trump. He could thereby guarantee his lasting status as the party's wise elder statesman and avoid the possibility of ending up as just a one-shot ideological influence.”

Bio:Pope “Mac” McCorkle has served as an issues consultant to political candidates, state governments, and various organizations for the last two decades. Since starting McCorkle Policy Consulting in 1994, he has worked for state and federal candidates in North Carolina as well as 28 other states, including North Carolina Democratic Govs. Mike Easley and Bev Perdue.

Archive video interview (different subject): (1:43 mark)

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Dorie Clark

Quotes:“Despite widely publicized hacks, including breaches of everything from Sony Entertainment to the federal Office of Personnel Management, most professionals still operate as though email were a fully secure medium,” says Dorie Clark, a marketing professor specializing in reputation and crisis management, branding and marketing strategy who was the New Hampshire communications director for Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. “The DNC leak, which reveals staffers actively spinning narratives against Bernie Sanders, illustrates not just the duplicity of a supposedly neutral organization working against one of their own candidates, but also the peril of sharing sensitive information via a digital channel that is relatively easy for malefactors to hack.” “Even if they don't work directly on geopolitically sensitive issues, smart professionals need to realize that anything they send electronically has the potential to be hacked - or, even more commonly, forwarded along to the wrong person or posted publicly via social media.”

The famous Mafia adage applies: Don't write if you can speak; don't speak if you can nod; don't nod if you can wink. In the digital era, your private communication can become public in a split-second, and you have to watch your words -- and your concomitant reputation -- carefully.” Bio:Dorie Clark is a marketing professor at Duke University, specializing in reputation and crisis management, branding and marketing strategy.

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