Duke Welcomes Partners from India to Campus

Duke to Establish Collaborative Research and Teaching Programs 

IIT workshop

Sudhir Jain, director of IITGN, addresses the audience at Duke. Photos by Chris Hildreth/Duke Photography

Duke Provost Sally Kornbluth and Vice Provost for Research Larry Carin hosted Director Sudhir Jain and other senior administrators from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar for a series of workshops and discussions June 16 and 17.

The two institutions began working in January to establish collaborative research and teaching programs that to date have included air quality research projects, student research opportunities and faculty exchanges.

This summer, students from IIT Gandhinagar are participating in both the Data+ summer research experience and the electrical and computer engineering research experience for undergraduates on campus in Durham.

Duke and IIT Gandhinagar have also continued to work together on a USAID-sponsored project to enhance IIT Gandhinagar’s faculty development, research administration, and external relations practices. The partnership is facilitated by RTI International.

Iit group