Duke Adjunct Faculty Vote for Union Representation

Nearly 300 Adjunct Faculty at Duke to be Represented by SEIU

On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board announced that a majority of Duke adjunct faculty members who cast ballots in the recent election voted in favor of representation by the Service Employees International Union.

Of the 203 ballots cast, 174 voted in favor of the union and 29 voted against union representation. Once the results are certified by the NLRB, the SEIU will become the representative for the nearly 300 non-regular rank faculty within Trinity College for Arts & Sciences, the Center for Documentary Studies, and the Graduate School. The union excludes all regular rank and tenure track faculty.

“While we are disappointed not to be able to continue working more directly with our colleagues, we are glad that together we made some advances this past year that will impact many of our adjunct faculty,” said Duke Provost Sally Kornbluth. “We remain committed to their success as members of our faculty and contributors to Duke’s academic mission.”

Duke officials said they would begin to work with representatives for the union on a collective bargaining agreement. 

“While the process is underway, we expect most aspects of our working relationship with the members of the bargaining unit to remain status quo,” said Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for Administration.