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News Tip: Ovarian Cancer Expert Available to Comment on New Screening Study

Lancet study finds that screening for ovarian cancer may reduce mortality by about 20 percent. 

• Quotes:“Cost-effectiveness is one of the challenges inherent in population-screening for a rare disease like ovarian cancer. In view of this, it may be worthwhile to consider initially implementing screening in women with above-average risk,” says Dr. Andrew Berchuck, director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Duke Cancer Institute.

“Work by the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium has identified a number of genetic variants that modestly increase risk, as do endometriosis and never having children. Other factors actually lower the risk of disease, including oral contraceptive use, pregnancy, breast-feeding and tubal ligation. Women may want to discuss their personal risk with their doctors when considering whether to undergo ovarian cancer screening.”

• Bio:Dr. Andrew Berchuck, M.D.Director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Duke Cancer InstituteBerchuck is head of the steering committee of the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium, an international group of ovarian cancer investigators with a particular focus on identifying genes and behavioral risk factors related to ovarian cancer risk.

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