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News Tip: Affordable Care Act – What’s an Appropriate Deductible?

Public policy professor Don Taylor comments

The Affordable Care Act’s third open enrollment season began Sunday. •    Quotes: “Many people with ACA coverage have very high deductibles. All of a sudden, people started criticizing the ACA for exposing people to such large out-of-pocket costs even after they were covered with insurance, so people have quite a lot of skin in the game,” says Donald Taylor, a professor of public policy at Duke University who researches health policy.“The crystalized question that really needs to be debated is, what is the appropriate size of a deductible or out-of-pocket exposure that people should face when they have health insurance? We don’t really have a good sense of a societal agreement about that question.”•    Bio:Donald Taylor is a professor of public policy in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. He conducts research on aging and comparative health systems, including Medicare, long-term care and health policy. Taylor blogs about health care policy at•    Archive video interview (different subject): (Taylor discusses civic engagement)•    For additional comment, contact Taylor