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Abdullah Antepli Joins Duke Office of Civic Engagement

Abdullah Antepli

Imam Abdullah Antepli will serve as a senior fellow for the Duke Office of Civic Engagement (DOCE) and play a key role in fostering civic engagement conversations at Duke amongst students, staff and faculty,  Eric Mlyn, assistant vice provost of civic engagement, announced today.

“Abdullah models so many of the aspects we value as advocates and proponents of civic engagement:  humility, reciprocity and a deep commitment to making the world a better place,” Mlyn said.

Antepli will continue his primary work as Duke’s first chief representative for Muslim affairs alongside his new role with the DOCE, using those experiences and relationships to inform and nurture expanded cross-cultural dialogue and civic action.

Antepli said he embraces the challenge. “I am thrilled about this new role,” he said. “Conversations and struggles around civic engagement embody my calling in life. I’m grateful for the continuing vote of trust from Duke leadership, and I look forward to shouldering the task with the outstanding Civic Engagement team at Duke.”

Antepli completed his basic training and education in his native Turkey. From 1996-2003, he worked on a variety of faith-based humanitarian and relief projects in Myanmar (Burma) and Malaysia with the Association of Social and Economic Solidarity with Pacific Countries. 

He is the founder and executive board member of the Association of College Muslim Chaplains and a board member of the Association for College and University Religious Affairs.

He served as Duke’s first Muslim chaplain from July 2008 to 2014. In his work with Muslim affairs at Duke, Antepli engages students, faculty and staff across and beyond campus through seminars, panels and other avenues to provide a Muslim voice and perspective to the discussions of faith, spirituality, social justice and more.

Antepli will have an office in the DOCE on the first floor of Smith Warehouse. He can be reached at