Game Theory and the Trouble with Antibacterial Soap

Economist David McAdams applies game theory to pressing strategic challenges 

What does game theory have to do with bacteria? Everything, according to David McAdams, Fuqua School professor of business administration and economics.

In the latest video in the Ideas That Move the World Forward series, McAdams explains how game theory can solve a wide range of pressing strategic challenges. Here he examines antibiotic resistance, and shares why we should stay away from antibiotic soap.

Game theory, McAdams explains, isn't about a better way to play checkers.  It has a distinguished academic history. One of the important foundations is the Nash Equilibrium, devised by John Nash, of "A Beautiful Mind" fame, who died May 23 in a car crash. Below, McAdams discusses the importance of the Nash Equilibrium and how students inspired him to apply game theory to crop pests, congressional stalemates, campus alcohol policy and other unexpected but strategic questions.