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Duke Chapel to Hold New ‘Jazz Vespers’ Service Nov. 13

A new vespers service at Duke Chapel will incorporate jazz music

Duke Chapel will hold a "Jazz Vespers" worship service Nov. 13 in collaboration with the Duke Jazz Program.The service, which combines the form of the traditional evening vespers liturgy with the musical improvisation of jazz, begins at 7:30 p.m. in the chapel. It is free and open to the public.Duke music professor John Brown and his Big Band will provide musical direction for the service. Chapel Dean Luke Powery, students and local ministers will offer scripture readings, poems and prayers.The service is designed to be a contemporary expression of thanksgiving to God. It will allow participants to move freely among three stations for different forms of prayer. The free-flowing form of the liturgy aims to mirror the improvisational character of jazz.“What jazz does musically, this service aims to do relationally,” Powery said. “With Jazz Vespers, the chapel aims to bring people of differing traditions together in one place for the worship of God.” Jazz Vespers will be offered once a semester, with a special theme each time. This semester’s theme is thanksgiving, paired with big band music. The next service will be March 19, 2015, with a theme of lament, paired with blues music.