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The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: Endowment; Duke List; Bugs for Lunch

A week's worth of campus news delivered in a minute.

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Welcome to the Week at Duke-- in 60 Seconds.

Duke's endowment now has a market value of seven billion dollars, thanks to a 20 percent return on investments plus new gifts. 

Ancient scourges such as the bubonic plague give Duke researchers new insights on how the body responds to infections. Researchers say understanding how pathogens spread can lead to new ways to treat infections today.

Do you know about Duke List? Similar to Craigslist, this website features classified ads that can only be accessed by Duke faculty, staff and students.

This fall, Duke will host a national retreat that explores the higher education experience of students with disabilities. The retreat is October 22nd and 23rd at the Thomas Center.

Finally, a semester-long humanities program is looking at why one society's delicacy is considered gross by another. So far chocolate chip and moth larvae cookies, and cricket fondue have been on the menu.

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