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The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: Baboon Friendships; 1,000th Heart Transplant

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Welcome to the Week at Duke -- in 60 Seconds.

Duke senior Ashley Qian has created a software program that allows local homeless shelters to keep up-to-date records and improve client outreach. The new software will be beta tested at Urban Ministries of Durham.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, author of this year’s summer reading book, Americanah, spoke to the freshman class and members of the Duke community last week. She fielded questions from an enthusiastic audience.

Sunday, Duke Medicine broke the world record for most heart transplant recipients in one place! The reunion for Duke heart transplant recipients was also a celebration of Duke’s 1,000th heart transplant.

Finally, Duke researchers have found that female baboons that interact socially with male baboons live longer than those that don’t. This is the first study to show that opposite-sex friendships can have similar effects as same-sex friendships on animal health and survival.

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