Save Money on Your Next Haircut

Duke Barber Shop offering 20 percent discount through August

David Fowler, right, the manager of Duke Barber Shop, has worked at the university for 55 years. Photo by Alexandria Sampson
David Fowler, right, the manager of Duke Barber Shop, has worked at the university for 55 years. Photo by Alexandria Sampson

When clients recline their heads in his shampoo bowl, Alvin “Mr. Bonez” Pitts Jr. can feel the exact moment they relax through his fingertips.

Hairdressing isn’t just an occupation for Bonez; it’s an intimate and spiritual experience that depends on a high level of trust.

“The customers are coming for that relaxing, calming experience, and it’s up to me to give them that,” said Bonez, a barber and cosmetologist at the Duke Barber Shop. “When you’re in someone’s personal space that much, I think there is a connection made there and it evolves into comfort.”

Through August, Duke employees can unwind and tidy up their mane in the 50s-inspired barbershop with a 20 percent discount. Haircuts start at $19 for men and $30 for women. The shop also provides a variety of options including shampoo, style, blow dry and perms. With three barbers and one female stylist, the shop services all hair textures.

Bonez – named for his bony figure during childhood – began working at the Duke Barber Shop in December when the shop, originally established in 1912, moved from the basement of the West Union Building to the bottom floor of the Bryan Center.

The relocation has caused a slowdown in traffic, but Bonez said he knew Duke was where he wanted to be when he met the shop’s manager David Fowler, a fixture at the shop for 55 years. Fowler reminds Bonez of his grandfather.

“Dave Fowler is one of the kindest people I’ve ever known,” said Chief HR Officer Stephen Smith, a client of Fowler’s for 15 years. “In addition to being a terrific barber, he’s also a compassionate listener and constant optimist.  Spending 30 minutes in his barber chair is as refreshing and uplifting as a full day of vacation at the beach.”

The Duke Barber Shop is on West Campus in room 002J in the Bryan Center across from the student mailboxes.

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