DC Office Showcases Art By Pedro Lasch for Washington Community

Pedro Lasch art

Duke in Washington hosted a private preview reception for the diplomatic and arts community featuring "Abstract Nationalism & National Abstraction: Anthems for Four Voices," The Phillips Collection Project by Duke artist and faculty member Pedro Lasch.

The evening featured a project preview and live conversation between Pedro Lasch, visual artist and associate research professor of art, art history & visual studies at Duke, and Vesela Sretenovic, senior curator of modern and contemporary art at The Phillips Collection.

This behind-the-scenes discussion addressed how the project came to be, the relationship between the academy and the arts, and, of course, the essence of Lasch's "Abstract Nationalism & National Abstraction: Anthems for Four Voices." 

Project Description:

"Abstract Nationalism & National Abstraction: Anthems for Four Voices takes shape as a series of short public recitals, temporary exhibits, and social practice artworks in select foreign embassies, culminating with the largest manifestation of the project at the Phillips Collection during the International Forum (October 25-28, 2014).  These multimedia performance events will incorporate audio and visual elements to explore questions of (multi)nationalism, cultural pluralism, independence, statehood, diplomatic and other themes so deeply related to the history and identity of nations and cultures."

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