Less Driving Means More Savings

Duke's commuting options save time and money

Looking to save some bucks? It may be as easy as turning in your Duke parking permit.

Duke has worked in recent years to provide commuter options, from the GoPass, which allows for fare-free rides on local and regional buses, to improving infrastructure on-and-around campus for bike commuters. Even still, 75 percent of all Duke faculty and staff drive alone in a car to campus, according to a 2013 commuter survey by Duke and Triangle Transit.

"I began carpooling because I didn't want to do my up to two-hour, one-way drive on my own every day," said Kait Porter, a research technician in a lab in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. "I save money, am a better driver and learn new and interesting things from the people I've met."

Here are benefits for trying a new commuting option, which includes riding in a vanpool, carpooling, biking or using the GoPass:

To learn more about alternative commuting options at Duke, visit the Parking and Transportation Services website.