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Halloween Screams from the Library

bone saws

Duke Libraries' second Screamfest wasn't for the weak at heart on Halloween.  There was candy to sweeten the visit, but otherwise 217 Perkins was turned into a house of horrors, including two early and rather dull looking bone saws (pictured above).

The screams also came from centuries-old anatomy books from the Trent History of Medicine Collection that depicted primitive brain surgery techniques.  From the Murray Collection of Pulp Culture came several lurid pulp paperback versions of Frankenstein and game pieces based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories. Elsewhere there were Zener ESP cards, Halloween ads from the Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising and Marketing History.

Below, Rachel Ingold, far right, a curator with the Rubenstein Research Services, talks with Naomi Nelson, Sam Yin and Trey Bagley about some of the items from the Rubenstein Collection at Screamfest.

Photos by Megan Morr/Duke University Photography