Duke Alumni Association Honors 9/11 Dead

The 9/11 memorial near Keohane Quad

On the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) paid tribute to the memory of the six Duke Alumni who died during the attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington.  The memorial is a grove of six trees adjacent to the Keohane residential quad. The association holds an annual ceremony at the memorial to remember the alumni.

Scott Greenwood, director of operations for alumni affairs, laid the wreath on behalf of the DAA.

The six Duke alumni who died during the attacks are Michael Morgan Taylor '81, Frederick C. Rimmele III, M.D. '94, A. Todd Rancke '81, Christopher Todd Pitman '93, Peter Ortale '87, and J. Robinson "Rob" Lenoir '84.

Photos by Natalie Nobles

9/11 wreath