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Comments Sought in Regular Review of Undergraduate Education Dean Steve Nowicki

Comments Sought in Regular Review of Undergraduate Education Dean Steve Nowicki


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Durham, NC - Regular reviews of senior administrators of the university are conducted by a committee that completes a performance review and submits a confidential report to Provost Peter Lange.  Such a committee has been appointed by Lange to review Steve Nowicki, dean and vice provost of undergraduate education, currently in his last year of a five-year appointment.     

Thavolia Glymph, associate professor of history and African and African American studies, will serve as committee chair.  Other committee members include Lisa Huettel, electrical and computing engineering; Kenneth Rogerson, Sanford School of Public Policy; Michael Moses, English; and Emily Bernhardt, biology. 

An important part of the review process is the gathering of opinion from the university's many constituencies.  Comments on performance and suggestions for the future are important to the committee's work.

The charge to the committee poses several questions for review, including Nowicki's  strategic leadership, communications with faculty and students, administrative competencies and relationships with schools and offices of the university. 

The committee invites members of the Duke community to share their thoughts by email or letter, or communicate orally to any committee member.  Communication should include the nature of the interactions with Dean Nowicki.  The committee will keep all comments confidential.

The committee would appreciate receiving comments by email or letter by April 25.

Send comments to:

Susan Jones (

Office of the Provost, Box 90005, Duke University

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