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Satterfield Named Assistant Vice President For Finance And University Controller

Satterfield has been named Duke's Assistant Vice President for Finance and
University Controller, effective

Satterfield will report to Tim
Walsh, Duke's Vice President for Finance, and have oversight responsibility for
the Financial Reporting, Corporate Tax, Accounting Services, and Accounting
Systems and Procedures departments. 

Satterfield's team provides daily
management of Duke's enterprise SAP financial system and generates and delivers
financial information on Duke to numerous audiences, including the Board of
Trustees, media, various government agencies, alumni, parents and others
interested in Duke.

"Rachel has arguably been the key
resource over the past decade as Duke has addressed financial transparency demands
from a variety of our most important constituents, including the Board," Walsh
said. "She is an outstanding financial strategist and process leader, and she
will provide even move value to Duke in her expanded role." 

As a dual-degreed graduate of
the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a CPA, Satterfield launched her career with KPMG before
joining Duke in 1998 as the Manager of Financial Reporting. Since that
time, the financial reporting function, under her leadership, has evolved from
a relatively narrow focus on the annual year-end reporting responsibilities to
much broader support of key institutional initiatives.  As part of that evolution, Satterfield
developed monthly reports on the financial status and performance of the
University that remain a standard of excellence within the higher education

"Rachel is a great leader and role
model for her teams," said Elizabeth Carver, Duke's current Director of
Financial Reporting. "Her work ethic and
dedication to Duke are things that we all try to emulate on a daily basis."

Satterfield recently played an
integral role in the DART process, earning recognition as a member of the
analysis team that ultimately earned the President's Teamwork Award in
2010.  She is also leading efforts to
develop financial oversight standards for the University's major global

"Rachel has had an important
influence on the administration's financial management efforts over the years,"
Executive Vice Provost Jim Roberts said. "She is a trusted partner for our
financial leaders in the schools."

In her new role, Satterfield will serve as a
key liaison from central Finance to administrative leaders within DUHS, the
School of Medicine and the Campus.

"Rachel is a unique talent with a great future
at Duke," Executive Vice President Tallman Trask said. "She has been involved
in a very broad set of financial initiatives over the past three years and will
obviously continue to be in the years ahead as our Controller."