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Duke Announces 2014 Distinguished Professors

Duke Announces 2014 Distinguished Professors

37 faculty members recognized

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Durham, NC - Duke University has awarded distinguished professorships to 37 members of its faculty.

The professors were recognized at a May 1 dinner at the Washington Duke Inn.

The recipients were as follows:

Trinity Arts & Sciences

-- Mathew McCubbins, Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of Political Science

-- Ashutosh Kotwal, Fritz London Professor of Physics

-- Laura Edwards, Peabody Family Professor of History

-- Fred Nijhout, John Franklin Crowell Professor of Biology

-- Thomas Mitchell-Olds, Newman Ivey White Professor of Biology

-- Alvin L. Crumbliss, University Distinguished Service Professor

-- Harris Cooper, Hugo L. Blomquist Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Fuqua School of Business

-- Wilfred Amaldoss, Thomas A. Finch Jr. Professor of Business Administration

-- Alon Brav, Robert L. Dickens Professor of Business Administration

-- Qi Chen, Walter M. Upchurch Jr. Professor of Business Administration

-- Adriano Rampini, John D. Forsyth Professor of Business Administration

-- David Robinson, J. Rex Fuqua Professor of International Management

-- Mohan Venkatachalam, R. J. Reynolds Professor of Business Administration

Pratt School of Engineering

-- Krishnendu Chakrabarty, William H. Younger Professor of Engineering

-- Joseph Izatt, Michael J. Fitzpatrick Professor of Engineering

-- Lingchong You, Paul Ruffin Scarborough Associate Professor of Engineering
School of Medicine

-- Kenneth D. Poss, James B. Duke Professor of Cell Biology

-- Douglas Marchuk, James B. Duke Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

-- Daniel K. Benjamin Jr., Kiser-Arena Professor of Pediatrics

-- Monica Kraft, Charles Johnson, M.D., Professor of Medicine

-- Christopher M. O'Connor, Richard Sean Stack, M.D./Guidant Foundation Professor of Cardiology

-- W. Daniel Stamer, Joseph A.C. Wadsworth Professor of Ophthalmology

-- Hai Yan, Henry S. Friedman Professor of Neuro-Oncology

-- Benjamin A. Alman, James R. Ubaniak, M.D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

-- Thomas A. D’Amico, Gary Hock Professor of Surgery

Divinity School

-- L. Gregory Jones, Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Jr. Professor of Christian Ministry

-- Grant Wacker, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Christian History

School of Nursing

-- Marilyn Oermann, Thelma M. Ingles Professor of Nursing

-- Bei Wu, Pauline Gratz Professor of Nursing

Sanford School of Public Policy

-- Kelly Brownell, Robert L. Flowers Professor of Public Policy

-- Anirudh Krishna, Edgar T. Thompson Professor of Public Policy

School of Law

-- Lawrence G. Baxter, William B. McGuire Professor of the Practice of Law

Bass Professors

-- Rebecca Stein, Nicholas J. and Theresa M. Leonardy Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology

-- Amilcare Porporato, Addy Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

-- Heileen Hsu-Kim, Mary Milus Yoh & Harold L. Yoh Jr. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

-- Kathy Franz, Alexander F. Hehmeyer Professor of Chemistry

-- Erika Weinthal, Lee Hill Snowdon Professor of Environmental Policy

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Phone: (919) 681-8059

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More Information

Contact: Keith Lawrence
Phone: (919) 681-8059