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Meet Duke's Most Senior Senior

Meet Duke's Most Senior Senior

Robert Becker's graduation has been 60 years in the making

May 7, 2013 |
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Duke's most senior senior is Robert Becker. The 80-year-old member of the class of 2013 arrived on campus in the early 1950s but after four years left two courses shy of a degree. After careers in the military and airline industry, Becker returned to Duke this January to finish up. Having taken courses in logic and religion, he's slated to receive a bachelor of arts degree in political science.

The native of Satellite, Fla., should have plenty of fans on hand at commencement. His wife, son, two daughters and five grandchildren plan to attend. As a graduate, he would join brothers Dennis '66 and Richard '56 as a Duke alumnus.

Robert Becker poses in his graduation cap and gown.

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