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FLUNCH by the Numbers

FLUNCH by the Numbers

Most invited profs: Thomas Nechyba, Karen Murphy, Stephen Smith, Dorian Canelas

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Editor's Note: FLUNCH data from Deborah Johnson, Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

Nearly 500 students enjoyed meals with their professors this semester, courtesy of Duke's FLUNCH program. FLUNCH provides funds for students to invite faculty members to lunch on campus to foster faculty-student relationships beyond the classroom. Students are allowed to submit two FLUNCH requests for a maximum of $100 per semester, and most often choose to dine at the Faculty Commons. First-year students took advantage of this opportunity more than students of any other year, inviting faculty of several large introductory classes. This semester's most FLUNCHed faculty were: 

Thomas Nechyba (Economics), Intermediate Microeconomics

Dorian Canelas (Chemistry),  Introductory Chemistry

Stephen Smith (Biomedical Engineering), Safety Medical Devices

Karen Murphy (Psychology), Biological Bases of Behavior

Other frequently FLUNCHed faculty included: Stephen Craig, Kevin Sobel-Read, Gary Bennett, Elizabeth Vigdor, Daniel Kiehart, Bai Gao, and Carla Cederbaum. FLUNCHes for the fall semester will run through this Friday, December 14th.