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Can You Name These Famous Women?

Can You Name These Famous Women?

Gothic Bookshop marks Women's History Month with contest to win books

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Gothic Bookshop Women's HIstory competition
Win a bag of books by naming all 12 of the women featured on the Gothic Bookstore window. Photo by Marsha A. Green

Durham, NC - Can you identify the 12 women featured in photographs in the Gothic Bookstore window?

To celebrate Women's History Month, Duke faculty, staff and students are invited to stop by the Gothic Bookshop entrance to view the 12 black and white photos of women who played pivotal roles in United States history.

Name them all, and you'll win a bag of books.

To enter the contest, simply write down the names of the women and leave your answers at the front desk by March 31.

"We are encouraging people to rely on their own knowledge, rather than Googling," said Kathy World, long-time manager of the bookstore who dreamed up the contest. "We don't expect people to know exactly what these women did, but it would be nice to think that people recognize them," she said.

Nobody has gotten all 12 names correct yet, World said. "But we are keeping all the entries in a desk drawer, and if nobody gets them all correct by March 31, we'll declare the person with the most correct as the winner."

The lucky (or well-learned) winner will receive a Penguin Books tote bag with four of Penguins' most popular new paperbacks.

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