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Research Professor of Visual and Media Studies Victoria Szabo.

“The nice thing about LinkedIn Learning is that it’s pretty comprehensive,” said Szabo, a Research Professor of Visual and Media Studies in the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies. “There are overview programs you can take if you don’t know anything, but then if you want to go deeper, they have pathways for that.”

Szabo knows first-hand how helpful the resource can be in building a study understanding of different topics.

Several years ago, she used the service to build her skills on early online multi-media tools such as Flash and Macromedia.

“If you’re just trying to get a question answered you can certainly just ask the universe ‘How do I do this or that?’” Szabo said. “I do that all the time and it can work really well. But if you’re trying to teach yourself something in a more consistent way, that’s when LinkedIn Learning becomes really useful.”

We took a look at some recent LinkedIn Learning courses to find a few that may help you build the skills to stay current in today’s workplace.

Transform Your Personal Brand

What do people think of when they think of you? That’s the central question of this roughly hour-long course from sales and marketing consultant Kelli Schutrop, which was released in August 2023.

In the course, Schutrop offers advice on overcoming imposter syndrome, sharing your story to others and differentiating yourself. She also shares five golden rules for personal branding, which are being genuine, prioritizing relationships, being consistent, willing to evolve and knowing how to tell your story.

“The best approach is not to ask for a favor, instead it’s to inspire them to buy into your brand story,” Schutrop said.

Marketing consultant Kelli Schutrop is an expert on personal branding. Image courtesy of LinkedIn Learning.

Redefining Productivity in the Future of Work

Paula Rizzo teaches a course on redefining productivity. Image courtesy of LinkedIn Learning.

In the current work landscape, where remote and hybrid work has reshaped familiar rhythms and teams often work with members and leaders spread across many locations, productivity and delivering what your team needs can be challenging.

In her 25-minute course released in October 2023, productivity coach Paula Rizzo provides ideas on how to align your work with managers’ expectations, explore essential productivity skills in remote contexts, and harness AI to help deliver results.

One simple tip for remote team members is to make sure colleagues know when you’re most available and when child care or other life responsibilities may briefly pull you away.

“I’m not saying you have to share every detail of your life, but is helpful to let people know when you’re unavailable,” Rizzo said.

Microsoft Teams Quick Tips

LinkedIn Learning instructor Nick Brazzi, has an info-packed 29-minute course sharing tips for Microsoft Teams including how to customize the interface, set up notifications, run smooth meetings, share files and use the Do Not Disturb function.

Duke OIT Training and Education Coordinator Trina Rodriguez points out that one of the most helpful features of LinkedIn Learning is the way that each course consists of easy-to-access chapters.

“You don’t have to watch the whole recording,” Rodriguez said. “The way they have it sectioned off makes it very easy to use. If you want to learn one thing, you can go right to it.

LinkedIn Learning offers courses on tools such as Microsoft Teams. Image courtesy of LinkedIn Learning.

Prompting ChatGPT with Multimodal Techniques

Get the latest tips on tools such as ChatGPT from experts such as Ray Villalobos. Image courtesy of LinkedIn Learning.

As a relatively new tool with uses, there’s plenty to learn about ChatGPT.

This 23-minute course from LinkedIn Learning instructor Ray Villalobos released in December 2023, provides insights on some of the most recent wrinkles available through Chat GPT. The course explains how to get help generating images, how to incorporate PDFs, Word Documents and presentations into ChatGPT conversations and how the tool can improve brainstorming.

“Content is being added all the time, and with things that change rapidly, like AI, this is a great way to keep up,” Rodriguez said. “LinkedIn Learning is a place where you can get the most up-to-date information on demand.”

Interpersonal Communication

Dorie Clark, an author on business and self-management topics who also taught courses at the Fuqua School of Business, shares many of her insights on LinkedIn Learning.

In June 2023, Clark released a 42-minute course on interpersonal communication that updates insights she originally released in 2017 with new approaches for a remote and online workplace.

“The pandemic affected how many of us communicate,” Clark said. “Because many of us are now working in hybrid and remote situations, it's more essential than ever to be thoughtful about how we communicate virtually, where there are fewer body language cues to ensure our meaning will be understood.”

The course offers advice on appropriate communication in business settings, how to accept criticism well, understanding non-verbal cues and how different communication approaches mesh with different cultures.

LinkedIn Learning provides the opportunity to tap into the expertise of business thought leaders such as Dorie Clark. Image courtesy of LinkedIn Learning.

“Disruption is a constant part of professional life – whether it's recessions or industry changes, or the rise of new technologies like generative AI,” Clark said. “Keeping our skills current is essential, because you can coast along for quite a while on your existing skills – but you don't want to be caught short by unexpected changes. The more you make a habit of continuous learning, the better you're able to roll with changing tides, rather than being swamped by them. 

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