Shred Your Personal Documents for Free on April 26

Duke’s Office of Audit Risk and Compliance hosts shredding event at Duke Human Resources offices

Shredded paper

Consumers reported losing more than $10 billion to fraud in 2023, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC also received over one million reports of identity theft through its website during the same period. The FTC recommends shredding credit card and utility bills as soon as they’re paid and shredding bank statements, pay stubs and settled medical bills after one year.

“We’re almost finished with tax time, so many of us will have gone through our records and may have items that are no longer needed, so this would be a perfect opportunity to shred those items,” Padgett said.

No registration is required. Individuals can bring up to three boxes or shopping bags of documents to be shredded by the document disposal company Shred-it. Paper documents, envelopes, staples, paper clips and expired credit cards are all able to be shredded. Binder clips and thick plastic document holders must be removed before shredding.

“As an institution, we have obligations to protect the information of our students, our employees, and our customers” Padgett said. “We feel like this is a continuation of that responsibility and a way to promote the idea of personal data privacy protections throughout the community.”

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