ROTC members from Duke and UNC toss the game ball up on Duke’s campus

Game Day Ball Arrives at Duke

Tyler Sommers, Assistant Professor of Military Science, tells us more:

“This is the second year we have conducted this event. Duke and UNC coordinated with the athletic departments where we take the game ball from UNC and we put it in our 35-pound rucksack and we rucked it 11 miles from UNC to Duke University.”

The group of ROTC members walks single files on a narrow shoulder

“The whole concept is that we are rivals today but teammates tomorrow — one team one fight.”

The group continues their walk past a "Hollow Rock Nature Park" sign

“Seven from Duke and 8 from UNC. We had 15 cadets and four Cadre.”

The group walking past Cameron Indoor Stadium, nearing the end of their journey

“Last year UNC started this tradition, they worked with their athletic department and ESPN Game Day and this year we wanted to make it a tradition, especially in these two towns where basketball is a highlight.

We do it for the last home game of the semester … we are hoping to keep this tradition going as long as Duke, UNC and ESPN will allow it.”

The group celebrates arriving at K-Ville

“It’s for all of the cadets who are getting ready to become officers in the army make sure they understand that we are rivals today, but tomorrow we are on the same team serving the same mission.”

The full group poses for a photo while holding the game ball on the K-Ville lawn with the Duke clocktower in the background