Architectural rendering from the air south east of Governors Island, showing the proposed Climate Exchange in the foreground and the lower Manhattan skyline in the distance.

Virtual Town Hall to Introduce Climate Exchange

Pratt Dean Jerry Lynch says NYC beachhead will advance Duke's climate goals

Duke’s affiliation with the Climate Exchange will provide research, teaching, technology translation and community engagement for members of the Duke community to work on this most critical issue of our age. The location is pretty great too, with a stunning view of lower Manhattan across New York Harbor.

Dean Jerry Lynch of the Pratt School of Engineering

Lynch serves on a steering committee exploring the design of Climate Exchange programs and how they can link with partner institutions and communities in New York City.

“The ability to place our faculty and trainees in the Climate Exchange for collaboration with their peers, and the ability to provide some students with an in-depth ‘semester abroad’ on the island will be a significant addition to Duke’s capacity for climate research and education,” Lynch told the Duke Chronicle last year. “This relationship will certainly help us attract and retain the best sustainability talents to Duke.”

Lynch is hosting the town hall to share the history, structure and vision of the NY Climate Exchange, preview programs being developed in education, outreach and research, and explain how Duke will play roles in all of those efforts.

The 400,000 square foot development is not expected to be complete until 2028, but Duke is already building connections to its efforts through its existing climate commitment.

“This forum will provide an opportunity for members of our community to learn how we’ll fit into the evolving mission of the Exchange,” Lynch said.