Ken Jeong Kicks Off a Year of Arts

Ken Jeong, trying to look intimidating, stands very, very close to a much taller man in sun glasses and a beard.

The celebration continued later Tuesday at a block party on Campus Drive featuring Sonny Miles and Duke student music groups.

A bearded man in a black vest, lit by green lights behind him, leans into a microphone while singing and playing guitar
Sonny Miles
Students stand in a semi-circle singing with one student singing in front.
Rhythm & Blue performs Disturbia (OPB Rihanna) with Rena Ouyang as the soloist
Two young women, at a table covered with arts supplies, smile and show their arts tiles on which they have just painted funny cows. One tile has a smiling cow face and the other the cow's behind, tail and udder.
Painting cows on tiles!
Three, white "birdmen" puppets walk in a circle on the street in front of a crowd of students at the Rubenstein Arts Center

Ken Jeong and the Duke Arts Block Party are part of the Duke Arts Opening Week