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Campus Infrastructure and Renovation Projects for Fall 2023

Among the projects, work at Abele Quad, Duke University Chapel and tennis stadium courts continue into new academic year

What to expect: Pedestrian access to some sidewalks will be modified throughout the work. Chapel Drive between the traffic circle and the bus circle will reopen to buses, Duke vans and authorized vehicles only starting Monday, August 14. Head here for more details.

Expected completion: Work on the sidewalks and curbs is expected to be complete in December, while the restoration of the limestone stairs by the Chapel will be complete in early January 2024.


Duke University Chapel's window restoration project will continue this fall. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

What’s happening: The long-term restoration of Duke University Chapel’s stained glass windows will continue this fall as windows No. 113 and 115 – which were removed in April and taken to the shop of Michigan-based glass expert Guido Goldkuhle for cleaning and repair – will be replaced in October and another set of windows will be removed for restoration.

Expected completion: This is the second year in a five-year project.


Repairs to Duke University Chapel's breezeways to wrap up in September. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

What’s happening: After decades of exposure to weather, the limestone arches in the breezeways next to Duke University Chapel are being refurbished and strengthened. Work began on the project in May with some of the arches replaced and all of the arches cleaned. The work on the breezeway facing the Duke Divinity School is complete. Work is continuing near Page Auditorium.

What to expect: A walkway across the breezeway on the Page Auditorium side will remain open while the work is being done.

Expected completion: The work is expected to be complete in September.


The Nasher Museum will remain open while work is done connecting it with the campus-wide chilled water system. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

What’s happening: Previously cooled by roof-mounted chillers, the Nasher Museum of Art will be linked to Duke’s chilled water system, allowing for more reliability and efficiency. To get connected, two new underground pipes need to be installed, linking the museum to the main line under Campus Drive.

What to expect: The Nasher Museum and the Nasher Museum Café will remain open throughout the fall. Work will be done in three phases. During the first phase, from mid-August to mid-September, the Campus Drive entrance to the Nasher Museum’s parking lot will be closed and 33 parking spaces will be unavailable. Access to the lot will be available via Duke University Road. During the second phase, which runs from mid-September until mid-October, both parking lot entrances will be open. During the final phase, beginning in mid-October, the Duke University Road entrance to the lot will be closed, meaning visitors must access it from Campus Drive. Some parking spots will be unavailable during all phases of the work.

Expected completion: The work is expected to be completed in January


The facade of Duke Athletics' Murray Building will be refreshed this fall. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

What’s happening: The Murray Building, which is home to offices and locker rooms for several Duke varsity athletics teams, will get an exterior upgrade. The siding, which had the appearance of stucco, is being removed and replaced with a modern brick and metal exterior that will echo the styling of the nearby Scott Family Pavilion. The windows will be replaced with energy efficient models.

What to expect: Access to some entrances to the Murray Building, including the elevated walkway facing Whitford Drive, will be limited at times during the work.

Expected completion: The work is expected to be completed in December.


New tennis courts will be ready for play at Ambler Tennis Stadium in the spring. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

What’s happening: After decades of use and exposure to weather, the 12 courts of the Ambler Tennis Stadium are in need of replacement. The work of removing the older courts, which were built in the 1990s on asphalt, began this summer. In August, the new, sturdier concrete bases for the courts will be poured and, if weather cooperates, the new playing surfaces will be completed in February.

What to expect: The sidewalk which runs between the recreational courts and the Sheffield Tennis Center will be closed during the work.

Expected completion: The project is expected to be complete in February with players returning to the courts in March.


Renovations to the Sheffield Tennis Center will give Duke's tennis teams improved facilities. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

What’s happening: Built in the 1990s, the Sheffield Tennis Center’s locker room facilities were in need of expansion. Starting last fall, the Sheffield Tennis Center, home to the Blue Devils’ men’s and women’s tennis teams, saw one side of the building expanding roughly 15 feet. As work continues this semester, a new elevator is being built and new HVAC system and hot water system connections are being added.

What to expect: While no sidewalks will be closed, some pedestrian routes in the immediate vicinity of the Sheffield Tennis Center will be adjusted.

Expected completion: The work is expected to be completed in November.


New condensate lines will be installed near Towerview Drive this fall. Photo by Stephen Schramm.

What’s happening: New pipes to carry condensate – the water created by spent steam in Duke’s campus-wide steam system – will be installed between the buildings in the heart of west campus and Utility Site No. 1, which is located near the Blue Zone. Much of the new piping will run through the existing basements and crawlspaces of campus buildings, but for a stretch along Towerview Road, a new route will need to be dug. Starting in late July, the work of installing the new lines began. Piping will also be extended from Kilgo Quad to Chapel Drive.

What to expect: Some sidewalks along Towerview Road and between Kilgo Quad and Chapel Drive will be closed, but pedestrian detours will be clearly marked. Towerview Road will be temporarily narrowed near The Hollows, but both lanes of travel will remain open. Wannamaker Dorm Lane will also remain open, though the entrance from Towerview Road will be narrowed while work is taking place.

Expected completion: While the entire project will take around two years to complete, the first phase will be complete by late November.

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