West Campus Summer Projects for 2023

Repairs and restoration work will involve Abele Quad, Brodhead Center and Duke University Chapel

Abele Quad

The work includes repairing and replacing the historic bluestone walkways along Chapel Drive, on the residential quad, and approaching Duke University Chapel. The asphalt and granite curb along Chapel Drive on Abele Quad will be replaced and four raised crosswalks will be added across Chapel Drive.

As a result of the work, vehicular traffic on Chapel Drive near Abele Quad will be limited at times and pedestrian routes along the heart of Abele Quad may be modified temporarily.

Steam System Piping Replacement

Some of the underground pipes that connect West Campus buildings to Duke’s steam system are being replaced over the next two summers. 

The existing steam system pipes run between the Brodhead Center and Utility Site 1 near Wannamaker Drive. To minimize disruption to the flow of campus, replacement pipes will be routed mostly through the basements of buildings and through existing tunnels. However, the project will still require some digging, which will be done this summer.

Starting May 22 through August 4, the first phase of this project will include installing underground pipes near Kilgo on the residential quad and along sections of Towerview Road and Wannamaker Drive. Because of the work, there will be some pedestrian detours necessary near Kilgo Quad and along Towerview Road and Wannamaker Drive.

Vehicular access on Towerview Road and Wannamaker Drive will not be affected.

Duke Chapel Breezeway Repair

Repair of the limestone in arches in the breezeways alongside Duke University Chapel is scheduled to begin May 22 and is expected to be wrapped up by August 4.

The ornate stonework in the breezeways will also be cleaned and the cement between the pieces of Duke stone in the breezeway walls will be refreshed.

Pedestrian access through the breezeways will be maintained throughout the project.

Brodhead Center Glass Replacement

Several of the Brodhead Center's exterior glass panels will be replaced this summer after having developed leaks, resulting in glass becoming cloudy with condensation.

The work of replacing the defective panels is scheduled to begin May 22 and should be finished by August 4.

The Brodhead Center will remain open during the repairs, though some areas of the facility may be closed temporarily to allow work to proceed overhead.

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