Duke Graduate, Professional Programs Score High in US News Rankings

Duke University

Among the outstanding department and program results: the Physician Assistant program was ranked at the top of its field in the country.

The rankings also showed evidence of the reputational rise of several Duke priorities areas, such as quantum computing, which most likely contributed to a nine-spot rise of electrical engineering to 16th in the country.

Fuqua School of Business ranked 11th overall

  • Accounting (22th)
  • Finance (14th)
  • Management (18th)
  • International (21th)
  • Entrepreneurship (17th)
  • Executive MBA (5th)
  • Marketing (8th)
  • Nonprofit (8th)
  • Business Analytics (10th)

Pratt School of Engineering ranked 22nd overall

  • Biomedical Engineering (5th)
  • Computer Engineering (18th)
  • Electrical Engineering (16th)
  • Environmental Engineering (12th)
  • Mechanical Engineering (25th)

School of Nursing Master’s Program was ranked 4th overall

  • Adult Gerontology Acute Care (1st)
  • Administration Management (1st)
  • Family (1st)
  • Pediatric Primary Care (1st)
  • Adult Gerontology Primary Care (1st)
  • Mental Health (1st)

School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Program was ranked 2nd overall

  • Leadership (1st)
  • Adult Gerontology Acute Care (1st)
  • Adult Gerontology Primary Care (1st)
  • Family (1st)
  • Pediatric Primary Care (1st)
  • Mental Health (1st)

Sanford School of Public Policy

  • Environmental Policy (2th)
  • Public Policy Analysis (6th)
  • Social Policy (6th)
  • Health Policy (7th)

Each year, the magazine rotates the programs in the arts and sciences that it ranks. Departments that were previously ranked can be found in a 2022 Duke Today story. Here are the rankings for the academic departments and specialties that were ranked this year:

Arts & Sciences

Biochemistry (16th)

Chemistry (27th)

Computer Science (20th)

  • Artificial Intelligence (21st)
  • Theory (21st)

Earth Sciences (39th)

Environmental Sciences (6th)

Math (16th)

  • Algebra (14th)
  • Analysis (15th)
  • Applied Math (16th)
  • Geometry (16th)

Physics (28th)

  • Atomic (16th)
  • Nuclear (8th)
  • Quantum (13th)