Climate+: Duke Education at the Nexus of Climate Research and Data Science

Charts showing size and movement of krill

“Data science is a critical toolkit to accelerate climate solutions,” said Brian Murray, PhD, interim director of the Nicholas Institute. “We need more leaders who can wield data science as they identify and assess complex climate issues swiftly, initiate and inform innovative approaches to the problem, and advance effective and viable solutions. Through Duke’s Climate+ program, students can prepare for climate leadership in diverse sectors by honing their data science skills and applying them to real climate challenges.”

Ahead of the Summer 2023 lineup of Climate+ projects, this playlist of videos from the 2022 cohort reveals more about the applications of data science to climate.

Series: Climate Education at Duke
A Climate Commitment Series

This series aligns with the Duke Climate Commitment, which unites the university’s education, research, operations and public service missions to address the climate crisis.