How to Find the Right Hybrid Work Schedule

Learn approaches for building effective weekly schedules

Glenn Setliff at his desk.

Sharpen Your Skills

Duke Learning & Organization Development offers a wide range of professional and technical development courses.

“It’s probably better for most people, on a longer-term basis, to have a plan for being in the office on these days and home on these days,” Etkin said. “It helps manage any stress that comes with deciding where to work.”

With schedules as varied as roles, staff and faculty share strategies for building a hybrid routine.

Jump In on Monday

A 2022 study of keycard data by Kastle, a national building security firm, shows that Mondays and Fridays – due to their proximity to the weekend – are the most popular remote workdays.

For Duke Learning & Organization Development (L&OD) Associate Director Joy Birmingham, who works mostly remote but comes to campus for meetings and to lead training sessions, Mondays are her first choice for
on-site work.

“I’ve heard many people in my classes say Mondays or Fridays make good, productive bookends to their weeks,” Birmingham said.

Professor of Pathology Laura Hale.

Stay Plugged In

Professor of Pathology Laura Hale fits her schedule around on-site teaching, lab and clinical work. Most Tuesdays and Thursdays she’s at home reviewing literature, working on proposals and analyzing data.

While many of her colleagues are on campus midweek, Hale said her team’s embrace of Zoom through weekly virtual catch-up meetings keeps everyone connected and on the same page.

“I never felt out of touch with my colleagues,” Hale said. “Working remotely, we’ve done a good job staying connected.”

Focused Finish on Friday

After spending Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with colleagues on campus, the School of Nursing’s Setliff reserves Thursdays and Fridays for home to write, edit and plan.

“In the office, there’s not a lot of time for strategic thinking,” Setliff said. “We all have to plan our work and think how we want to operationalize something.”

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