High-Impact Sustainably for 2023

At night, in front of the main entrance of the Duke University Hospital, a long photo exposure time shows the red and white light trails of cars that have passed. A single white mini-van is in the foreground.
Duke North At Night, With Car Trails.

Stay Put, Drive Less

Working from home just one day per week is a valuable way to help limit the amount we drive. Less time spent on the road means we can reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we contribute.

Upgrade Intelligently

If you are considering trading in or buying a new pickup or SUV, look towards a hybrid option with more efficiencies. If your current vehicle has an MPG consumption rate in the teens, seek out vehicles with an MPG consumption rate in the high twenties to really see the most impact on gas savings.

Lucas Joseph Ramsey, cook for Thrive Catering, stands in the kitchen holding out a rice bowl with beautifully grilled chicken and vegetables.
Lucas Joseph Ramsey, cook for Thrive Catering, helps prepare meals for students.

Don't Pass the Beef

Beef has a very high level of carbon emissions which is disproportionate to all other foods. If you consume beef three or more times per week, consider lowering that number or substitute with chicken.

Through education, research, external engagement and campus operations, the Duke Climate Commitment seeks to imagine, design and implement a sustainable future for all.
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